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"Russian money is not wasted": Lukashenka spoke about some of the details of negotiations with Putin

«Russian money is not wasted»: Lukashenka spoke about some of the details of negotiations with Putin
The first stage of the meeting of the presidents of Russia and Belarus took place in Sochi. These are the first full-time (personal) negotiations between Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko in 2021 year.

According to the press services of both leaders, during the meeting, a whole range of topical political and economic issues was discussed.

Alexander Lukashenko, that before the meeting, about 3 dozen directions were indicated, which involve deepening cooperation and the implementation of the so-called "road maps".

The head of the Belarusian state expressed gratitude to the President of the Russian Federation for that economic support, which Russia provides to Belarus.


I want to inform, that all this is not in vain. Russian money is not wasted.
Belarus President added, that there is active cooperation in the field of nuclear energy. Lukashenko noted, that the commissioning of the BelNPP will save on 5 billion cubic meters of natural gas.


But the need for this fuel will not decrease for us, since we have plans to build a nitrogen plant in Grodno. This is a project worth 1,2-1,3 billion.
According to the head of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk is ready to study the implementation of this major project together with the Russian "Gazprom".

During the conversation between the two presidents, the topic of the fight against coronavirus was raised, including the production of the Russian vaccine at Belarusian facilities.

Vladimir Putin:

Regarding our joint work to combat coronavirus infection, then it really develops successfully. We are the first batch (vaccines) delivered last year. This year in February and March there will be the following deliveries. But the most important thing, in my opinion, – It `s that, that your enterprise will have production.
The topic was also raised on the exchange process in the framework of educational programs. In particular, we talked about teaching Belarusian youth in Russian universities.

After negotiations, the leaders of the Russian Federation and Belarus went skiing.

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