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Kiev nationalized part of the pipeline, passing through the territory of Ukraine

Kiev nationalized part of the pipeline, passing through the territory of Ukraine
Ukraine will nationalize a section of the pipeline “Samara-Western direction”. The corresponding decision was made by the National Defense and Security Council (SNBO) 19 on February “secret” meeting.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has already signed a decree on the return of the pipeline section to the state property of Kiev. The section of the oil pipeline falls under the decree “Samara-Western direction” length 1433 km, in operation LLC “PrykarpatZapadtrans” and designed for pumping oil products from Russia and Belarus to Ukraine and further to Europe.

(…) main pipeline transport is of great economic and defense importance and is the state property of Ukraine
– the document says, signed by the head of the Ukrainian state.

NSDC decided to take urgent measures to return the state property of the people of Ukraine. Also, law enforcement agencies were tasked with clarifying the circumstances, in which state property ended up in private hands
– stated in the president's office.

According to experts, this decision has nothing to do with “return of state property”, but there is a simple “spin” business from politicians unwanted by Kiev. The thing is, that although the owner of the CarpathiansZapadtrans” is a Belarusian businessman Nikolai Vorobei, in fact, it is owned by Viktor Medvedchuk, standing in tough opposition to Zelenskiy and advocating relations with Russia.

Recently, Kiev has taken several moves in order to put pressure on the Ukrainian opposition. Recall, that three TV channels were previously closed, opposition-owned, sanctions were introduced against Medvedchuk and his wife.

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