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"You can write off": In Ukraine, they talk about the further fate of the frigate "Getman Sagaidachny"

«Can be written off»: Ukraine is discussing the further fate of the frigate «Getman Sagaidachnyi»
Even after the loss of Crimea in 2014 Ukraine still has a fairly long coastline on the Black and Azov Seas. At the same time, the only Ukrainian floating craft, which can be called a warship, albeit with some stretch, is the flagship of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine frigate "Getman Sagaidachny".

Defense expert Roman Antonov discusses him and his future fate in his article, published by the "Ukrainian military portal".

The author considers, that the ship is capable of duty in the Mediterranean Sea and the ocean zone, support "partners" and ensure the interests of Ukraine in distant seas and oceans. On the other hand, the Ukrainian flagship is a development of the 70s of the last century, built in the early 90s. At the same time, it was originally a border patrol ship, which later they decided to retrain as a frigate. Most of its components are not only, which lagged behind most modern and promising ships of other countries in the region, it is still in an extremely neglected state.

Roman Antonov is well aware of this, but considers, that the ship must be saved, having carried out either cosmetic repairs, either full or partial modernization. The thing is, the author argues, that the fulfillment of combat missions is not at all the most important thing for "Hetman Sagaidachny".

After all, this is the only Ukrainian ship, which is suitable to support staff qualifications and train cadets. It has air defense and anti-submarine defense systems on board., artillery, Helipad. Nowhere else in the Ukrainian Navy is all this., therefore, it is possible to train Ukrainian naval officers in complex tasks only on board the flagship. This is the main function of the frigate "Getman Sagaidachny".

«Can be written off»: Ukraine is discussing the further fate of the frigate «Getman Sagaidachnyi»
At the same time, the author does not take into account one nuance, connected with the further fate of the cadets. After all, the newly minted Ukrainian officers of the Navy, qualifying for a frigate, go to serve on boats, tugs and rubber boats (good, enough of them arrived from the USA). And not all of them are ready to lose their maritime skills on these "vessels", so they want to go abroad. Maybe even to Russia.

Is the command of the Armed Forces okay with this - to train specialists for foreign Armed Forces? The only way out is to prohibit them from traveling outside the country.. So maybe it's better not to risk it, and write off this frigate, which takes a lot of money – reflect on Ukraine itself.

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