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Former Soviet dissident: Soviet "doublethink" is frighteningly embodied in the modern West

Former Soviet dissident: «Doublethink» USSR frighteningly embodied in the modern West
The system of "doublethink" survived and Stalin, and his gulag. Former Soviet dissidents now see her in Western countries, and it scares them.

This one of the topics, which Natan Sharansky raised in his book “I was never alone - not in prison, neither in politics, not with the people ", co-written by him with Gil Troy.

Former Soviet dissident believes, that Soviet citizens, aspiring to make a career and become successful, were forced to live in an atmosphere of constant and universal lies. They spoke, did and write everything like that, as it should be. At the same time, they were aware, what lies, and expressed their true views in kitchens among family members, as well as among the closest and most reliable friends.

According to Sharansky, Soviet "doublethink" is frighteningly embodied in the modern West, and there this phenomenon is called "political correctness". The author of the book believes, that western democracy no longer exists, it was destroyed long ago, and it was replaced by "political correctness". She tries to control people, does not allow them to sincerely express their views. Like the old Soviet system, modern Western political correctness imposes on the population "correct" views. And if earlier the United States was considered the stronghold of world democracy, then today they have turned into a hotbed of new "doublethink".

In the USSR, the thoughts of people tried to control state bodies, and today in the USA they have been successfully replaced by social networks. Today in the West fanatics from among social activists, make their fellow citizens be politically correct and tolerant, and those, who does not fit into the frame, harassed on social media.

Sharansky considers, that today the citizens of the USA and European countries face the same choice, who stood before him in the USSR: be yourself or "submit to the humiliating dictates of doublethink".

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