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The State Duma initiates an audit of the deputies of St. Petersburg, met with Finnish diplomats

The State Duma initiates an audit of the deputies of St. Petersburg, met with Finnish diplomats

Petersburg deputies, who secretly met with Finnish diplomats, must be verified by the relevant authorities. This is a comment FAN said the deputy of the State Duma Vitaly Milonov.

earlier FAN learned the details of the secret meeting of the deputies of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Maxim Reznik and Boris Vishnevsky at the Consulate General of Finland with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of our northern neighbors Pekkoy Haavisto. At the meeting, the parties discussed the situation around the infamous blogger Alexey Navalny and pressure on Russia. So, Reznik and Vishnevsky demanded that Finnish politicians tighten anti-Russian sanctions and ban everyone from entering Finland, who is related to the state apparatus or law enforcement agencies.

"Need to check, how clean are people in the St. Petersburg parliament. Because it's impossible even to be with such scoundrels. It is necessary to immediately start checking in the framework of the Commission on Deputy Ethics. I will personally contact the ZakS, because I don't understand, what are the criteria for this commission. The anti-national and anti-state activities of Reznik and Vishnevsky have never been seriously investigated. ", - explained Vitaly Milonov.

The deputy noticed, that meeting with foreign diplomats, foreign policy issues are not the competence of regional deputies. They must deal with regional issues.

"Of course, for most of the townspeople, this is a betrayal of the Motherland. This information needs to be conveyed as much as possible to ordinary residents.. Because these scoundrels, rats, who feed on the budget of St. Petersburg, will not tell anyone anything. It is necessary to initiate a check and draw the appropriate conclusions in the near future. ZakS must take final position. They have to say, that have nothing to do with it, and impose sanctions on Reznik and Vishnevsky ", - concluded Vitaly Milonov.

FAN will send a request to the Consulate of Finland, to get an answer, why did the diplomats need to meet with the opposition deputies, and what questions did they discuss in a secret meeting. We also intend to contact the prosecutor's office with a request to check the circumstances of this incident..

Author: Andrey Aglaumov

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