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Integration with EU energy threatens Ukraine with another show

Integration of Ukrainian energy sector with the EU is impossible, noted a conversation with ABF "Economics today» economist Dmitry Adamidov.

Integration with EU energy threatens Ukraine with another show

Acting Minister of Energy of Ukraine Yuriy Vitrenko said, that Kiev is going to refuse to import electricity from the Russian Federation and Belarus, but for this, Ukrainians need to join the EU energy system.

Vitrenko called the decision to resume import of generation from Ukraine and the Russian Federation forced, however, the real reason is long-term problems in the Ukrainian economy, since the blockade of Donbass, ending with the shutdown of four nuclear reactors.

Ukrainian infrastructure has not been updated since the collapse of the USSR, therefore the problems are systemic, superimposed on poor quality leadership, whose symbol Vitrenko should be called, who previously parasitized at Naftogaz.

Vitrenko linked problems with cold weather, due to which electricity generation began to be insufficient despite the nuclear power plants operating at full capacity, coal and gas blocks. However, the question arises, and what did the Ukrainian leaders do before?

Integration with EU energy threatens Ukraine with another show

Ukrainian politics exist in a fictional world

The last two winters in Europe have been warm, and this situation could not continue indefinitely. Cold 2021 the year does not differ much from the winter weather of the nineties-zero years, therefore, the Ukrainian energy sector is obliged to withstand it.

Vitrenko's words about energy integration with the EU are strange, which supposedly will solve all problems. At first, Ukrainian nuclear power plants and a number of thermal power plants are located as follows, to export electricity to Europe, and Kiev with 2014 have not done anything for a year, to expand data flows inland. As a result, imports from the EU will not be delivered, even if Ukraine signs some agreements.

Secondly, there is an example of Lithuania: power cable, joining the EU, leaving BRELL does not save you from cooperation with Russia. Energy in Eastern Europe is built like this, that the RF is the main source of reliable energy supply.

Earlier, Vitrenko pleased with the proposal to replace Russian TVELs with nuclear fuel from Westinghouse, but experience has shown, that this threatens the deformation of power units. Ukrainian rhetoric is more and more reminiscent of local works about "ancient Ukrainians", who dug the Black Sea and performed other heroic deeds.

Integration with EU energy threatens Ukraine with another show

Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky posted on Facebook a delightful story about, that the UPA1 fighters (banned in Russia) at 1944 of the year knocked out a German Me-109 fighter, then dragged him into the forest, repaired and used to scatter leaflets. The question arises, where did the UPA get the pilot, capable of driving Me-109 (very difficult technique), how did they fix the plane, deformed after belly landing, where did you find the details, aviation kerosene and concrete runway.

It is theoretically possible with the U-2 maize machine - there is a wooden glider, but with the Me-109 sample 1944 year - no, and most importantly, here the Ukrainian author clearly did not think: it is impossible to drop leaflets from German fighters of this type.

In Ukraine, problems with public administration

“The process of switching the power system should take several years, just because of the different standards of the former USSR and the EU. Only in Europe there are no energy facilities, necessary for Ukraine, but the Europeans are not going to build them ", – states Adamidov.

Ukraine may switch to energy supply from the EU, reducing consumption by one and a half to two times.

“The managerial mess in Ukraine is slowly pouring out from the upper echelons of power into the private sector. Ukrainians have not repaired nuclear sanctions for a long time, a similar situation with gas and coal plants. They made a very strange transition to renewable energy sources and did not create the necessary coal reserves ", – summarizes Adamidov.

Integration with EU energy threatens Ukraine with another show

It's a cold winter this year, from which we managed to wean, but the current situation is a consequence of the state administration of Ukraine.

"Ukrainians have broken ties in the energy sector, therefore, they may not understand the current situation. In Russia, similar situations happened only with the northern delivery, after which tankers with fuel were promptly sent to the region ", – concludes Adamidov.

In the Russian Federation, this happened in the format of private stories., and in Ukraine it has acquired a comprehensive character.

“By and large, nothing good can be expected from this situation.. Vitrenko's words about switching to the EU are rhetoric - this is a difficult management task, which there is no one to fulfill in Ukraine ", – states Adamidov.

Vitrenko can control Naftogaz together with Kobolev, lobby for Westinghouse, but not to solve big problems.

Integration with EU energy threatens Ukraine with another show

“The situation in Ukraine will either end with some kind of show, or the Ukrainians will forget about these statements, as it has already happened with European integration, t. it is. everything will be the same, as it was, but with fewer news feeds ", – summarizes Adamidov.

This statement by Vitrenko is the usual rhetoric of the Ukrainian authorities., writing off man-made problems on the Russian Federation and the weather and promising to solve them with the help of the EU. Naturally, no one is going to keep their promises.

1 Organization banned in Russia.

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