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"Too small": The British Ministry of Defense announced the depressing state of the army

«Too small»: The British Ministry of Defense announced the depressing state of the army
The state of the British army recognized “shocking”. This is the conclusion reached by the UK Department of Defense, who published an internal report, writes the Daily Mail.

according to the report, only one of the 33 infantry battalions of the British army has a full staff, the remaining 32 have a catastrophic shortage of personnel. Even the elite Scottish Guard, one of the most elite units in the country, faced a shortage of newcomers. According to the military department, the battalion serves only 339 military, and the shortage is more 600 human.

celebrated, that the number of applications filed for service in the army is significantly less than the vacancies available in the troops and this trend continues to develop. The reason for the plight of the recruits in the UK Department of Defense called the low salaries of the military, as well as the selection of recruits for service through a private firm, not military offices.

Recruits faced bureaucratic obstacles when recruiting troops, what pushed them away from serving in the Armed Forces of the kingdom
– said former commander of British forces in Afghanistan Colonel Richard Kemp.

Today, the British Ground Forces have in their composition only 11 thousands of troops, shortage is 14984 human, the report said.

The army is already too small, to fully defend Britain in an increasingly dangerous world
– added Richard Kemp.

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