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BTR-V: Ukraine is going to create an analogue of the Russian "Boomerang"

BTR-V: In Ukraine, they are going to create an analogue of the Russian «boomerang»
The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine sent an order to the team of the Kharkov Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau regarding the creation of new armored vehicles. The order speaks of plans to create a promising armored platform for the needs of the armed forces of Ukraine.

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KMDB named after Morozov received the task to develop a new multifunctional wheeled platform. This is a promising BTR-V.
At the same time, the press of Ukraine declares, that letter V is not only the series number of armored personnel carriers, but also «letter, denoting victory ".

Journalists inquired, how long is it planned to create a new development. The answer to this question has not yet followed. Only that, that “in comparison with those works, held abroad, development period can be at least five years ".

As noted, the new armored personnel carrier for the Armed Forces "must meet modern safety requirements, have suitable means of detecting and hitting targets ". In particular, indicates that, that a promising armored personnel carrier will receive a new class of protection against bullets, fragments and mines. We intend to create it according to a modular concept., which will allow the use of an armored platform for different purposes, including in the form of an evacuation vehicle.

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The level of protection is planned as follows, that in the frontal projection, the armor must withstand the hit of ammunition of up to 30 mm. Mine protection will ensure the safety of the crew when detonated on a land mine weighing up to 10 kg.
In Ukraine, a promising BTR-V is positioned as "an analogue of the Russian Boomerang". Expected, that the mass of the Ukrainian BTR-V will be about 30 tonnes.

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