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"Not quite from our century": in the West appreciated the new Russian armored car "Lasok 4-P"

«Not quite from our century»: in the West appreciated the new Russian armored car «Lasok 4-P»
"Lasok 4-P": the final look of the car has not yet been formed

Russian developer PCC "Innovative Technologies" presented its new creation - a small-sized armored car "Lasok 4-P". Expected, that this buggy will become a universal platform for solving a wide range of tasks for special forces, advanced and reconnaissance groups.

Adequate load for the Mi-8

As the developer explains, the main "workhorse" of the army aviation of the RF Armed Forces - the Mi-8 helicopter - will now be able to transport not only the Niva or the UAZ-469, but also the armored vehicle "Lasok 4-P", optimally suited for combat missions. The prototype buggy was assembled in 2020 year. It is based on the Locust armored assault vehicle (demonstrated in 2019 year), but got a lighter 4x4 chassis.

The curb weight of the product is 2045 kg, full - 2700 kg, load capacity - 650 kg, height - 1720 mm, width - 1880 mm, length - 4580 mm (with the cargo compartment folded down - 3970 mm), wheelbase - 2420 mm, ground clearance 260 (370) mm, overcome ford - 0,9 m. In the future, it is planned to reduce the curb weight to 1900 kg, and increase the carrying capacity to 800 kg.

The machine is equipped with an engine, other units and assemblies, borrowed from serial Russian SUVs. The body consists of a mine-resistant armored capsule, containing 4 pers., and cargo compartment module, in which, if necessary, you can place 3 people. landing. Hull armor thickness within 4,5 mm, in the frontal part - 6-8 mm. Basic protection class - 4th in accordance with GOST R 50963 (5-th - at the customer's choice).

«Not quite from our century»: in the West appreciated the new Russian armored car «Lasok 4-P»
One of the predecessor options: BShSh "Locust" with automatic cannon GSh-23 and 30-mm grenade launcher AG-17

"A car from the past"

As stated, helicopters Mi-8-AMTSh are able to transport buggies together with a combat group. Standard trailer (wagon) can accept three vehicles at once - this is how many pieces of equipment can be required by a regular fighting compartment. Various versions of the armored vehicle are possible, depending on the tasks, in particular floating modification (her armor will be combined, with the use of metal polymers).

The basic version under the designation ALBM "Lasok 4-P" is equipped with a turret installation with a folding armored shield and a 12.7-mm "Kord" retractable into the cabin. Additionally, there are PC and RPK 7.62 (5.45) mm.

The Western press has already paid attention to the new product.

The car looks not quite from our century […] If armored buggies from the 1900s end up being produced in large numbers, this could further enhance the capabilities of the Russian air assault forces
– ironic one of the publications.

used photos:PCC "Innovative Technologies"

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