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There was a collision of a Japanese submarine with a merchant ship

There was a collision of a Japanese submarine with a merchant ship
According to the Japanese Naval Forces, included in the structure of the Self-Defense Forces, Today, 8 February, In the Pacific Ocean, there was an accidental collision of a Japanese submarine with a civilian merchant ship. At least three crew members of the submarine were injured in the collision.

Kyodo news agency reported..

Naval sailors injured after the collision were urgently hospitalized in a hospital.

Submarine of the National Self-Defense Forces and a civilian vessel collided, when the submarine surfaced. When surfacing, she touched the vessel with the upper part of the hull.. However, her hull received minor damage.. The accident occurred off the coast of the Japanese prefecture of Kochi, south of the Japanese Islands.

As the secretary general of the Japanese Cabinet of Ministers Katsunobu Kato said, to investigate the incident in the office of the prime minister created a crisis headquarters, which will collect and analyze information about the accident.

This is all information, which we have at the moment.
– said Mr. Kato.

Two days earlier, an earthquake struck the west coast of Japan. 5,4 points. The focus of seismic activity was at a depth of almost 108 kilometers.

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