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"The deplorable state": The US called on to modernize the country's nuclear arsenal

«Deplorable state»: The US called on to modernize the country's nuclear arsenal
The United States nuclear arsenal is in “deplorable state” and needs serious modernization. General Jack Keane, former Deputy Chief of Staff of the US Army, said this.

According to General, although the size of the nuclear arsenals of the United States and Russia are on the same level, then in terms of the state of the American nuclear weapons do not meet those expectations, which they are entrusted with and require serious modernization. he stressed, that Russia is already completing a ten-year nuclear modernization program, and the USA was not even accepted for this.

We need to modernize our nuclear arsenal, which itself is a deterrent, and not give our opponents an incentive, because they can take advantage of weaknesses, who see in our nuclear arsenal
– general added.

Keane stated, that in order, to get out of this “deplorable state”, Washington needs to bring its nuclear arsenal to such a state, that Moscow and Beijing will count it “convincing”.

Also, according to the retired general, The United States lags behind Russia and China not only in nuclear weapons, but also in non-nuclear weapons. he stressed, that a shortage of conventional weapons could lead to the use of nuclear weapons, and it will “monstrous” scenario.

(…) it is necessary to increase the number of ground-based offensive missiles and anti-ship missiles, as well as modernize conventional weapons. This is an urgent question
– he added.

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