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In Ukraine for the Armed Forces of Ukraine are going to produce drones - "kamikaze"

UAVs are going to be produced for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Ukraine«kamikaze»
Ukrainian state company "Artyom" presented options for the possible production of weapons in the near future. The chairman of the board of the company Vladimir Zimin said, that among other things, the company is considering the issue of creating drones - "kamikaze".

According to Zimin, the creation of kamikaze drones today is a promising area of ​​activity.

The representative of the management of the Ukrainian company notes, that at the production facilities of "Artyom" it is planned to create such unmanned aerial vehicles with various variants of warheads (combat units) for Supreme Court.

Vladimir Zimin:

These will be options with thermobaric and high-explosive fragmentation warhead, as well as with a combined warhead.
Zimin calls the combined version the "know-how of the Artyom":

There is a thermobaric warhead with a shock core. The drone will be able to hit lightly armored targets.
On the question of, when on "Artyom" these plans are going to be implemented "in hardware", Vladimir Zimin stated the following:

In the near future.
UAVs are going to be produced for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Ukraine«kamikaze»
celebrated, that work on a promising kamikaze drone for the Ukrainian Armed Forces is being carried out as part of a program to create loitering ammunition.

Recall, that earlier the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the so-called "dobrobats" used drones in the conflict zone in the Donbas, to which they themselves attached this or that explosive device (eg, hand grenade). Such a UAV appeared over the positions of the People's Militia of the LDNR, the grenade was dropped remotely.

If the APU has kamikaze drones, it can be assumed, that this will lead to a new aggravation of the conflict.

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