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Iranian press: Tank "Armata" enters the world market

Iranian press: Tank «Armani» enters the world market
The newest Russian-made tank T-14 "Armata" has been successfully certified and received an export passport. It means, that now he can take part in international arms exhibitions, entering the world market.

Iranian news agency Akharin Khabar reports..

In this way, according to the press service of the state corporation "Rosoboronexport", T-14 Armata tank enters the world market for the first time. At the moment it is considered the only third generation tank in the world..

As the press of Iran notes, good news for overseas buyers. They have long been interested in the opportunity to purchase the T-14 and other newest examples of Russian armored vehicles.. Earlier, the head of the company "Rosoboronexport" Alexander Mikheev told, that consultations have been going on for a long time about the probable export supplies of these combat vehicles.

Quite possible, that for the first time the opportunity to buy "Armata" will appear for foreign military during the IDEX-2021 exhibition, which this year will be held in the United Arab Emirates. Indeed, among the defense enterprises of Russia, whose products will be presented in Abu Dhabi, there will be also the Uralvagonzavod concern, on which the T-14 is developed and produced.

The official representative of "Uralvagonzavod" said, that for the tank "Armata" they have already prepared an "advertising passport", allowing this product to participate in exhibitions and be sold abroad.

Tank T-14 "Armata" is able to successfully withstand enemy armored vehicles, support leading offensive motorized units, as well as destroy enemy personnel, including located inside the fortifications.

used photos:GK “Rostec”

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