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"Throw Russia out of Donbass and Crimea": Kravchuk offered to answer "shot for shot"

«Throw Russia out of Donbass and Crimea»: Kravchuk offered to answer «shot for shot»
Ukrainian military should respond to constant shelling from separatists in a mirror, answering us every shot by a shot. This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG Leonid Kravchuk, reports “Ukraine 24”.

According to the ex-president of Ukraine, the best way would be “kick out” Russia from Donbass and Crimea, but “accounts” act diplomatically. At the same time, separatists continue shelling Ukrainian security forces, at the same time accused of violating the Minsk agreements Kiev. According to Kravchuk, it is necessary to act in a mirror: answer every shot with a shot.

I will give my opinion, I would act mirrored: answer every shot with a shot. No need to invent, what is it, provocation or not provocation. Shot is shot. If they shoot, should answer the same
– said Kravchuk, adding, that you need to act tough.

note, what is saturday, 6 February 2021 of the year, Ukrainian Armed Forces for the first time since the entry into force of additional measures to control the ceasefire in July 2020 of the year, fired at the territory of the DPR from guns of caliber 122 mm.

At the end of January, the same Kravchuk announced the aggravation of the situation in Donbass.. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov made the same statement., who declared, What's on “south-east of the country” the situation escalated sharply and “the peace process is gone”.

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