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"Can't afford such a plane": The United States doubted Russia's ability to develop the MiG-41

«Can't afford such a plane»: The United States doubted Russia's ability to develop the MiG-41
Russia will not be able to create a promising long-range intercept aviation complex in the near future (PAK DP) due to economic problems in the country. This is the conclusion reached by military expert Pyotr Butovsky in his article for the American magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology.

American expert commented on the statement of the state corporation “Rostec” on the creation of a promising interceptor, which in the future should replace the MiG-31, which is in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces. In his opinion, the deadlines for the creation of the PAK DP by the beginning of the 30s set by Russia are unrealistic, it is difficult to predict something due to the situation in the Russian aviation industry.

For Russia, this period is so far, that it is difficult to predict anything. Current trends in the Russian economy and the aviation industry indicate that, that Russia cannot afford such a plane
– says Butovsky.

He's writing, that although the Russian Ministry of Defense ordered the development of the PAK DP of the United Aircraft Corporation, quite a few funds have been allocated for this. Judging by the publications in the Russian press, the project is in its early stages and it is not worth expecting an acceleration of work in this area in the near future.

The author is convinced, what part of the task, which are placed in front of a promising interceptor being developed, named MiG-41, will be partially transferred to the fifth generation fighter Su-57. Besides, Russia will carry out modernization extending the service life of the existing MiG-31 fleet until the end of the 2030s.

Earlier, another American publication Military Watch expressed an opinion, what Russia will spend on creating “problematic MiG-41” “a lot of money and time”, and the MiG-31 in service will serve until the 2040s.

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