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Events in South Ossetia: The fight for justice or the cold calculation of the West?

Events in South Ossetia: The fight for justice or the cold calculation of the West?

The indefinite protest in South Ossetia continues. Dozens of caring people are around the clock in the central square of Tskhinvali, to express your dissatisfaction with the actions of the authorities and to defend a fair investigation into the case of Inal Dzhabiev.

To date, through the efforts of the protesters, it has been possible to achieve the removal of ex-Interior Minister Igor Naniev from office., resignation of Prime Minister Eric Pukhaev, and with him the entire government of the republic. Besides, in the case of Dzhabiev, eight employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were detained, after which the deputy head of the security department Andrei Tskhovrebov was removed from office.

Despite, that among the top officials heads flew, and in relation to the detained law enforcement officers, investigative measures began, protesters still do not leave Theater Square, continuing to demand justice.

Also worth noting is the general high tension in society., which is associated with the forced "coronavirus blockade", border closure, rising prices, difficult financial situation of citizens, even more aggravated due to the difficult epidemiological situation.

In such an unstable situation, third forces were found in the republic, who are actively trying to use popular discontent for their own purposes. It's about pro-Western media, who position themselves as opposition, thereby directing the popular protest towards their interests by provocative actions.

Among them are the Internet editions "Caucasian Knot" and "Radio Svoboda" which are closely involved in informational support of protest actions in Tskhinvali. Everything says, that the editors of these media purposefully turn the desire to achieve justice into a political farce and an attempt to organize another "Maidan" in the republic. Resources, positioning themselves as the only island of freedom of speech, unceremoniously fulfill a political order, carried out through propaganda and manipulation.

Also promptly and massively during the protest, the Facebook social network was flooded with informational stuffing in the form of comments about the "bloody executioners of the regime", warring with their own people and various skillful drawings, pictures of a grieving mother on a bench, trying to channel these noble feelings of people in the direction they need, rocking the emotional sphere. What can be compared with the Ukrainian slogan "They're children", as well as the style of the NEXTA Telegram channel, notorious for the events in Belarus, who provoked and coordinated riots.

Besides, in his opinion, public figure Alan Mamiev, the development of the political crisis in South Ossetia has signs of another "color revolution", since the action is attended by the current opposition, not enjoying the special confidence of the people, representatives of social movements, various Western so-called religious communities, predominantly Protestant and personalities, openly associated with Georgia.

"Analysis of the failed" Maidan "in Belarus showed, that provocateurs are always in the crowd of protesters. the, who is the first to insult a law enforcement officer or throw a stone in his direction, with a high degree of probability there is a provocateur, who does not want anything good to the people of Ossetia ", - said Mamiev.

Summing up the endless protests in Tskhinvali, a very clear picture emerges. People enraged by the blatant incident, justly demanding an honest investigation into the case of Inal Dzhabiev, were influenced by the fifth column, adding fuel to the fire. Therefore, all protest actions must be carried out strictly within the framework of the current legislation.. Provocations, certainly not avoided, but only by truly uniting the people of South Ossetia, including with law enforcement agencies, any problems can be solved.

David Mirkhoev

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