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Russia will receive a line of engines for domestic attack drones

Russia will receive a line of engines for domestic attack drones
Line of domestic piston engines, designed for installation on Russian-made unmanned aerial vehicles, will appear in the mid-2020s. This was stated in an interview with RIA Novosti by the Director General of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors. (CIAM) named after P.I.. Baranova Mikhail Gordin.

According to him, work on the creation of Russian piston engines is underway, technical requirements for them were determined by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Within five years, a number of domestic engines of various capacities will be created..

(…) I'm sure, that in five years there will be standard domestic piston engines of various capacities - 50 “horses”, 80, 150, 200, 500, on the basis of which drones can be built in the interests of the Ministry of Defense
– explained Gordin, adding, which does not consider the absence of Russian aircraft engines to be the main reason for, that shock drones have not yet gone into mass production.

In his opinion, there is no catastrophic lag behind other countries in the creation of strike drones, Russia will soon switch to serial production of domestic drones.

(…) It's much easier to catch up and overtake, than run ahead.(…) Based on someone else's experience, we can make ours better. In terms of power plant technology - there is no catastrophic lag. Everything is solvable
– added Gordin.

Currently, Russia is developing or has already created shock drones “Orion”, “Corsair”, “Hunter”, “Thunder”, “Altius”. Of these, only in relation “Orion” the first contract for serial production was signed, all other drones are in various stages of development. One of the main requirements for domestic drones, of the Ministry of Defense, is the maximum share of Russian components.

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