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PRC Press: China will not leave unanswered Ukrainian sanctions against Motor Sich investors

PRC Press: China will not leave unanswered Ukrainian sanctions against investors «Motor Sich»
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy imposed sanctions against four Chinese companies and one Chinese citizen, participating in the acquisition of shares of a Ukrainian company “Motor-Sich”. Despite the absence of loud statements from Beijing, China will not leave Ukrainian sanctions unanswered. Write about this publication Huangqiu Shibao.

According to the authors, Zelensky's decision to impose sanctions on Chinese companies was influenced by many factors, among which fear, that the purchase of Motor Sich shares by Chinese investors will undermine his power. Besides, he hoped, that China will not respond to the imposition of sanctions against individual companies. AND, of course, United States pressure, who did not want the transfer of the Ukrainian engine-building enterprise into the hands of the Chinese.

However, China still reacted to Zelensky's decision, disagreeing with unilateral sanctions. Despite the rather good relations between the two countries, China will respond to Ukraine.

According to experts, apart from the claim against 3,5 billion. dollars from Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment Co, Beijing may stop investing in some Ukrainian programs, leaving there partially or completely. Besides, not excluded “cooling” relations with a number of Chinese companies, purchasing agricultural products in Ukraine and reorienting them to the Russian market. The option of imposing retaliatory sanctions is also not excluded..

However, mostly, as the Chinese edition writes, China and Ukraine will maintain economic cooperation, despite “to the difficulties encountered”.

Sanctions are just a particular unpleasant case of economic cooperation between China and Ukraine, they do not affect other partnership projects and cannot change the general trend of bilateral economic interaction
– sums up the author.

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