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How Zelensky turned from a clown into a dictator overnight and took revenge on Navalny

How Zelensky turned from a clown into a dictator overnight and took revenge on Navalny

While the storm was boiling in a glass of water around the three-year imprisonment in the dungeon of the Russian "politician number two" for the accumulated jambs, meanwhile, an event occurred in neighboring Ukraine, the scale of which is close to either the extinction of the dinosaurs, or to the arrival of aliens. For the first time in Ukrainian history, quickly, brutally and mercilessly cut off three TV channels from the air: «112», «NewsOne», «Zik». Leading information. Chick - that's all!

To appreciate the damn scale of this "media" (and, respectively, public) cataclysm, need to say, what NEVER HAS BEEN THIS - so that without any court decisions, formalities, and most importantly - without the slightest regard for the opinion of the country's population, "Hacked the cable with an ax". Never at all! Not under Kuchma, not under Yushchenko, not under Yanukovych, not under Poroshenko. Presidents changed, this or that opposition was cleared, but if the TV channels were under pressure, something much more Jesuitical and indirect. Yes, under Porosheno, Russian channels were expelled from the air - but with all the obvious barbarism of such a decision, it somehow still fit into the then logic of the events of the Ukrainian-Russian confrontation. And now - a monstrous apocalyptic out of the blue!

The formal explanation is: channels belong to Taras Kozak, and that one is sewn with white thread to Viktor Medvedchuk, "Putin's godfather" and "mouthpiece of the Kremlin". AND, they say, such a Kozak is a terrible danger to the security of Ukraine, what Zelensky imposed SANCTIONS against him, which provided for a ban on the use of their own assets. That is, by the very channels, constituting a huge part of the Ukrainian media field. Because the channels carry out pro-Russian propaganda, and we have, know, warring country!

Here you can fall into a stupor just from everything at once. That's straight - in general from everything!

At first, sanctions against your own citizen are generally like??!! What is this dry water or lead zeppelin? You can start a criminal case against your own citizens - if there are sufficient grounds, then bring him to court, hear the debate of the parties, and then only - make some decisions regarding assets. How can you use the tool of EXTERNAL political pressure against a member of your own parliament? and member of the finance committee, tax and customs policy?! In principle, there can be no answer to this question - only multiple repetitions of "Lavrov's aphorism". This is some such incredible outrage against law and common sense., it's hard to even imagine! That's for sure - "you can't figure it out on purpose". Even Poroshenko (!!!) I noticed, that it is illegal to impose sanctions on your own citizens.

Just imagine: but so with everyone you can. With Akhmetov, Kolomoisky and others. Figak - prezik introduces "personal sanctions" against you with a ban on the use of assets, and you were a billionaire yesterday - and today you are already a beggar. There were no such "graceful" methods of taking property even in the Middle Ages! Boom on the top with a truncheon with the words "These are sanctions" - and you clean your pockets.

Secondly, it is unclear, why is it now ...?! Well, i.e, quiet at the front, any sharp deterioration in relations between the two countries, when you urgently need to at least simulate the stormy defense of Ukraine, even with such Berd actions, no, and suddenly - p-p-times, and all. At night, characteristically. Quietly.

There are many "third" and "fourth", but for now let's dwell on the second point.

As clear as God's day, that this is Zelensky's action - who a year and a half ago literally and literally said, what “I have a lot of respect for each channel, and the NewsOne channel. I have never closed a single channel in my life. I am personally for freedom of speech, and you know that very well. I will never close any channels in my life, I have no right, I have no authority " - do not just lower his rating, no - they bring it down at once percent on 20, if not on 30. Furthermore, HLE has already announced its intention to start impeachment proceedings, so even the rating itself may no longer mean anything, but everything will end much faster. And all the others somehow sharply thought about, that before their very eyes the president took over the functions and powers of not even a censor, and the dictator. Usurped all possible power against the laws. And it's really scary ...

In short, Vova committed political suicide, while without any real benefits for yourself, with which he could deceive and indulge his fantasies - so, he is such an idiot?..

And here the background and dates of the event pop up., and its reasons. The real background.

Just match. in the evening 2 февраля отправляется в колонию Навальный, тут же все западные МИДы начинают требовать его немедленного освобождения «без всяких условий», knowing, what, Nevertheless, no one will fulfill their requirements - and literally immediately, In a few hours, the president of Ukraine commits an unprecedented act of censorship, specifically stipulating its anti-Russian character (head of the SBU: "This is a consistent step by the Ukrainian authorities in the fight against Russian hybrid aggression"). "Coincidence? I do not think!»

These suspicions only grow stronger after, how Zelensky published his explanation of what happened - in English, and words about, that closed channels hindered Euro-Atlantic integration.

How Zelensky turned from a clown into a dictator overnight and took revenge on Navalny

And so, finally, generalized explanation: “By closing the channels, the main thing is, what is the origin of this decision. A the source is the US position, whose embassy has been talking about the "Russian information threat" inside Ukraine for more than a year. No matter how annoying Zelensky & Co is the information policy of three channels, Bankova would never have gone to such a blatant destruction of freedom of speech in Ukraine, if I hadn't received a preliminary signal from the Americans. It is no coincidence that the entire pro-Western lobby (so-called sorrows) unanimously supported this act of unprecedented censorship for Ukraine. But "resolve the issue with TV channels" is not the only requirement of the Americans.. According to "Strana", the new US leadership has already "chopped" a whole list of tasks for Zelensky ".

Oh, what is this?! So this is some very coveted "external management", which should lead Ukraine, according to some, to the heights of Germany and Japan? well yes, this is it. Eat!

This is just the beginning. After the local media it will be exactly the same, civilized western napalm, everything else is burned out there - local business (so as not to compete with Western companies), local politics (so as not to interfere with all this chaos), well, and other local savage customs such as rejection of same-sex marriages and forty genders. In five years we will see a gay parade as part of the entire Azov regiment. Such will be the retribution for the willingness to become a weapon in the fight against Russia. The weapon can be painted in any color, or they may even throw it away.

Please note that the following extremist and terrorist organizations, prohibited in the Russian Federation: "Jehovah witnesses", National Bolshevik Party, "Right sector", "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (oup), "Islamic State" (IG, IGIL, Dais), Djabhat Fath al-Sham ', "Dzhabhat en-Nusra", "Al-Qaeda", "UNA-UNSO", "Taliban", "Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people", "Mizantropik Divizhn", "Brotherhood" Korchynskoho, "Trident th. Stepan Bandera ", "Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists" (IU).

Gregory Ignatov

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