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"Usurpation of power": Ukraine responded to Zelensky's decision to ban broadcasting of three channels

«Usurpation of power»: Ukraine responded to Zelensky's decision to ban broadcasting of three channels
The President of Ukraine has clearly decided to take advantage of the "democratic" experience of the United States to completely transform the constitutional provision on freedom of speech and equal access to information into a real profanation. We are talking about the decision taken by the head of the Ukrainian state to disconnect three Ukrainian TV channels from broadcasting at once..

Zelensky's decree prescribes the imposition of sanctions against three TV channels - NewsOne, 112 Ukraine and ZIK. Night 3 February they stopped their work in the all-Ukrainian broadcasting network. Blocking, reportedly, will be valid for five years with the possibility of its extension.

In Kiev they talk about, that the decision of the President of the country is frankly political in nature and is associated with the political views of the owners of these television sites with their large audience.

Head of the National Union of Ukrainian Journalists Serhiy Tomilenko spoke about Zelensky's decree. According to him, this is an attack on freedom of speech. At the same time, Tomilenko notes, that a ban on broadcasting TV channels was introduced without a corresponding court decision, which is an example of exceeding their official powers by the president and members of the National Security and Defense Council.


Such a decision will shock international democratic institutions..
The party "Opposition Platform - For Life" called the decision of Vladimir Zelensky even tougher - "the usurpation of power and the mechanism for introducing a dictatorship.".

According to representatives of the mentioned TV channels, now they will have to limit themselves to Internet broadcasts, "If they are not banned as well".

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