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The first F-15EX fighter built for the US Air Force begins flights

The first F-15EX fighter built for the US Air Force begins flights
The F-15EX, the first promising American multifunctional fighter built for the US Air Force, made its maiden flight. The plane took off from the airfield of the Boeing corporation in St. Louis.

reported, that the first F-15EX fighter assembled for the US Air Force took off 2 February 2021 years and stayed in the air for a total 90 minutes. The flight was originally planned for 1 February, but was postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions. As stated in the Corporation, flight tests of the fighter will continue in the near future.

Thus, Boeing began testing fighters from the first batch of eight F-15EX. Total, according to concluded in 2020 year contract, Boeing will assemble eight F-15EX fighters, two of which will be broadcast this spring, and the other six – at 2023 year. All eight aircraft will be deployed at the airbase “Eglin” Florida, where will they take part in the tests.

Deliveries of production F-15EX aircraft should begin in 2023 fiscal year, in total, according to a perpetual contract, the US Air Force will receive 144 (according to other sources – 200) the latest fighters. The first vehicles will go into service with the 123rd Fighter Squadron, 142nd Fighter Wing, Oregon National Guard Air Force, based at Portland AFB.

specified, that the F-15 is not being purchased to replace the F-35A, and to replace the already outdated fleet of F-15C / D in service and as a carrier of hypersonic weapons. In the future, it is planned to purchase 18-24 fighter annually.

The Air Force will receive the fighter in a two-seat version, there will be no single. It differs from previous versions with modern on-board equipment, concept-based “digital highway” and Open Mission Systems architecture (WHO), including radar series Raytheon AN / APG-82 with AFAR. stated, that the F-15EX is capable of carrying up to 22 controlled missiles “air-to-air” or “hypersonic weapons up to 22 feet and weighing up to 7000 pounds”. The aircraft will be equipped with conformal tanks.

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