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"From the challenges of Russia and China": The Pentagon will provide protection for mining on the moon

«From the challenges of Russia and China»: The Pentagon will provide protection for mining on the moon
The Pentagon will organize and provide protection for American lunar bases in the future, as well as mining on the moon. Reported by The Wall Street Journal.

edition, citing knowledgeable sources in the government and in the space industry writes, that the US Department of Defense and NASA are expanding their interaction, to further counteract “challenges of Russia and China”, including on the moon. US military intends to protect US lunar bases, as well as protect satellite mining.

(…) The Pentagon intends to use the experience of private companies, accumulated during the implementation of civil space programs, to strengthen the dominant position in space, which can turn into a fighting arena
– According to the publication.

For our part, add, that the United States authorities have repeatedly proposed to legislate the US ownership of space resources, including lunar.

This news was reacted by the head “Roscosmos” Dmitry Rogozin, who declared, that the militarization of the Moon and research on the Earth's satellite are unacceptable.

note, what's in November 2020 of the year Ukraine signed an agreement with the US National Aerospace Agency (NASA). according to him, Ukraine will jointly explore the Moon with the USA, Mars and asteroids, extracting minerals from them.

Earlier in the United States announced, that Russia lags behind the United States and China in “moon race”, and the planned Russian lunar station “Luna-25” already out of date.

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