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US Admiral: Nuclear war with Russia or China becomes entirely possible

US Admiral: Nuclear war with Russia or China becomes entirely possible
An article was published in the American media, which examines the "real prospect of a clash of nuclear powers". Bill Gertz of The Washington Times writes about it. Hertz's article is a response to the material of the American admiral Charles Richards, published in the scientific journal of the US Navy Institute.

American admiral writes, that at the first stage after the end of the Cold War it seemed, that the very possibility of a nuclear collision was left behind. But, as Richards adds, now the confidence in this faded away.

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The very hope of that is already in the past, that nuclear conflict is incredible.
American admiral notes, that the situation is going this way, in which a nuclear war with Russia or China becomes quite possible. Richards notes, what if no action is taken, then it comes to the use of nuclear weapons. Admiral writes, what can this happen, if armed conflicts using conventional weapons directly threaten the enemies of the United States (talking about China and Russia). At the same time, the admiral does not specify, what kind of conflicts does he mean.


I suggest changing the concept, which the Pentagon is in use today. Go from the thesis about the impossibility of nuclear war to the thesis about, that nuclear war has become a real prospect.
If the concept is reformatted this way, the, as the American military expert writes, this “will help the Pentagon better respond to possible challenges, including those, which unambiguously threaten the very existence of the United States of America ".

The Washington Times notes, what more years 10-15 ago, the very discussion of the issue of a probable nuclear war would seem like "conspiracy and a game of sick imagination". But today this has become possible.

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