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“So many troops have been gathered near Kaliningrad, that the Russians will have enough to reach Paris " – comments in Polish media

«So many troops have been gathered near Kaliningrad, that the Russians will have enough to reach Paris» - comments in Polish media
The Polish press published an article by the columnist Maciej Peczyński, which discusses the publication in the Western press of materials about the existence of NATO's plan for a preventive strike against the Kaliningrad region. This material was published on the American information portal with a link to the American think tank, United States Navy.

The Polish edition of Do Rzecy outraged about the reaction in some Russian editions, where it was stated, that the "plan of a preventive strike on the Kaliningrad region" may not only be a plan of concrete actions of NATO forces, how much information provocation from Poland.

In particular, indicates that, that the Russian media drew attention to the name of the author of the material in, and this is a certain Konrad Music, and also for that, that the text uses the city name Królewiec (Polish designation of Kaliningrad - Polish derivative of the German "Königsberg").

Maciej Peczyński discussing this kind of publication in the Russian press, He writes, that “this is an example of, how Poland is perceived in Russia ".

from the article:

This is an attempt to once again present Poland as a state with imperial ambitions., which threatens Russia and is looking for an opportunity to regain land in the east.
And these are some comments to the material of Maciej Peczyński from Polish readers.

I do not know

So Koenigsberg was never Polish. And then we will agree before, that we ourselves will have to return Sheqing.
For reference: Szczecin was formerly called Stettin and belonged to Germany.

Bogusław Łysy

Why him (Kaliningrad) to attack? Let them choose where to live - in European Poland or in such an abnormal country, like Russia ...
apparently, this commentator thinks, that only Poland is a normal country in this world.


Talking about the return of Kaliningrad or a strike on it is meaningless. So many weapons and troops have been collected near Kaliningrad since the times of the USSR, that the Russians will have enough to reach Paris.
But why “Russians go to Paris”, the author of the comment does not specify.

As seen, comments are different in nature. But the fact remains: Poles actively discuss a publication about NATO's plan and Russia's reaction to it.

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