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"And nobody wants to buy the communist scrap metal Su-57 and J-20": Polish readers argued over the supply of F-35 fighters

«And nobody wants to buy the communist scrap metal Su-57 and J-20»: Polish readers argued over the supply of F-35 fighters
It became known about the construction of the first F-35 fighter for the Danish Air Force. We are talking about the F-35A Lightning II fighter with the AP serial number-01, which will transfer to the American test center. Tests will be carried out jointly - by Lockheed Martin, representatives of the United States Air Force and the Danish Air Force.

Notably, that after testing (and they are planned to be completed by the end of spring 2021 of the year) the plane will not leave the United States. Points out, As for 2023 The Danish Air Force fighter will be stationed at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. it, as stated, essential for training Danish pilots and technical personnel to operate a fifth generation fighter.

In total, Denmark will receive 27 F-35 fighters and four simulators.

These messages received special attention in Poland. They reacted very jealously to reports that, that for the Danish Air Force the first F-35 has already been created, but for Poland, "Positioning itself as the main US ally in continental Europe", – no.

In the comments to the publication on the pages of the Polish military-thematic resource Defense24, a misunderstanding is expressed about, why “little” Denmark orders 27 fifth generation fighters, and Poland - "only 32". In response, it was noticed, that Denmark is purchasing the F-35 at its own expense, but Poland has not so much “free funds” today, because, if you buy, then on credit.


I understand everything. Denmark GDP per capita in 2019 – 53880 dollars, GDP of Poland - 33890 dollars. We build our economy with 1990 of the year, and they - with 1945.
Another Polish reader expressed satisfaction with the fact, that American F-35s are actively bought in the world.


And what about the foreign sales of the Su-57 and J-20? Still zero orders? Nobody wants to buy this communist scrap metal, because everyone prefers the F-35, cheaper and better, than communist inventions.
The user received a very objective response from Jakiś tam:

Because they (Russia and China) nobody is forced to buy (their fighters), but the Americans force their allies.
There was a kind of dispute about, why do some planes buy dozens, and others – not yet. The phrase about “communist scrap metal” used in a commentary on a publication in the country's media, which itself still largely lives on the legacy of the era “building communism”.

Recall, that earlier in Poland they announced their readiness to modernize their aircraft fleet, in which there are also Soviet-built aircraft, for new combat aircraft, including American F-35.

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