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Press of Ukraine: "Now the era of Soviet UAZs in the Armed Forces of Ukraine will end"

Press of Ukraine: «Now the era of Soviet UAZs in the Armed Forces of Ukraine will end»
Modernization of the country's army vehicle fleet is discussed in the Ukrainian press. Today, a significant share of the Ukrainian Armed Forces vehicle fleet are Soviet-designed vehicles.. Among them - "UAZ". As the Ukrainian press writes, "Now the era of Soviet UAZs in the Armed Forces of Ukraine will end".

It is reported that, that the armed forces of Ukraine should receive a single SUV. That being said, the messages say, that for this purpose the "first general open competition" will be held. Funds for the creation of a single Ukrainian SUV are planned to be allocated from the country's military budget.

The materials of the Ukrainian media write about, that holding "an open competition for the development of military equipment is one of practically NATO norms". And Ukraine, as is known, trying to claim adherence to NATO standards.

noted, that the Ukrainian army "expects a reliable and comfortable SUV instead of the Soviet" UAZ ".

According to the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Mironyuk, prototypes can be offered for consideration as government, and private companies. Their cooperation is also possible. Before that, applicants will receive the same terms of reference.. Each of the companies will have to submit a version of their SUV, who could pass certain tests with a list of procedures.


After that, the winner of the competition will become the owner of the right to create vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine..
Meanwhile, ordinary Ukrainians express skepticism about the real transparency of this competition. In particular, celebrated, that usually everything rests on a corruption scheme, in which the winner is already known. But in the end, when will funds begin to be received for the production of equipment?, may come to light, that others offered cars cheaper and better.

Skepticism is also associated with the very possibility of the modern Ukrainian car industry to provide the army with the necessary amount of inexpensive, comfortable and reliable SUVs.

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