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The Polish Ministry of Defense invited schoolchildren to prepare materials on the "historical truth about Katyn"

The Polish Defense Ministry invited schoolchildren to prepare materials on the topic «historical truth about Katyn»
The Polish Ministry of Defense decided to intensify activities in the country's schools in such a direction as "the historical truth about Katyn". Recall, what, according to the official Polish interpretation, in the town of Katyn near Smolensk, several thousand Polish soldiers died at the hands of representatives of the NKVD. This version was once called "truthful" and the late Soviet authorities, despite numerous inconsistencies, identified during the investigation of the Katyn tragedy, including during a joint investigation with Polish experts.

Now the Polish Ministry of Defense is announcing a literary and artistic competition called Katyn-1940: the heart of Poland is broken ".
The initiative is supported by the Marshal (speaker) Polish Sejm (parliament) Elżbieta Vitek.

The Polish government and parliament announced that, that “the young generation should know about the crimes of the NKVD and the Stalinist regime against Polish soldiers in 1940 year ".

The Polish Defense Ministry invited schoolchildren to prepare materials on the topic «historical truth about Katyn»

Competition, where Polish students are invited to participate and prepare certain materials, includes the creation of a thematic poster "Katyn-1940", composing the text of a commemorative song, essay on the topic "Contemporary View of the Katyn Drama and the Opposition of Lies".

Job, reportedly, will be held under the auspices of not only the Ministry of Defense, but also the Institute of National Memory of Poland.
celebrated, that last year the competition was submitted 700 applications, and this year "it is necessary to increase the scale of the competition".

Recall, what in 2010 year, to put it mildly, strange thesis about, that in Katyn the executions of Polish officers were carried out exclusively by the NKVD, repeated then President Dmitry Medvedev. According to him, "This is a consequence of the crime of the regime of Joseph Stalin and his henchmen".

Mr Medvedev and those, who prepared such statements, for some reason, such facts do not bother, as the discovery of newspaper clippings and letters from the second half in the clothes of some of the executed Polish officers 1941 of the year. Do not be confused by other facts. – eg, testimony of the German military, who later admitted their participation in the execution of the Poles near Smolensk.

used photos:Ministry of Defense of Poland, site of the Katyn Memorial

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