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Russian "Pantsir-C1" kidnapped in Libya will be transported to the USA

Russian kidnapped in Libya «C1 Carapace» will be transported to the USA
Anti-aircraft missile and cannon system captured by the Americans in Libya (ZRPK) “C1 Carapace” Russian-made will be moved to the United States. Writes about this publication Popular Mechanics.

According to the publication, the anti-aircraft complex will be relocated from the American air base “Rammstein” in Germany to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, where is the US National Aerospace Intelligence Center, specializing, including the study of samples of foreign military equipment.

It is assumed, what “shell” will be disassembled and rebuilt in order to study the principles of its work for “future protection of US Air Force aircraft and their allies from Russian weapons”.

At the same time, military experts emphasize, that the Americans do not learn much of the captured complex, since they got the export version of the ZRPK, supplied by the UAE. All military equipment, exported, differs from that intended for the Russian army and during its production the factor of likely falling into the hands of a potential enemy is taken into account.

Recall, that the British edition of The Times recently reported, what in july 2020 of the year, American special services removed the anti-aircraft complex from the territory of Libya “C1 Carapace” Russian production, belonging to the Libyan National Army of Khalifa Haftar. ZRPK was delivered to Germany at the American airbase “Rammstein”.

The reason for the theft of the complex is called the prevention of the possible fall of the air defense missile system into the hands of smugglers of weapons and its use to destroy civilian aircraft.

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