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"Not in our favor": Americans compared the Mi-28NM with the Apache

«Not in our favor»: Americans compared the Mi-28NM with «Apache»
Russia arms its latest Mi-28NM attack helicopter “Night Hunter” guided missiles “air-to-air”, designed to destroy fighters, including the fifth generation. Writes about this NI.

Russian Defense Ministry Arms Its Attack Helicopter With Missiles “air-to-air”, capable of hitting even fifth generation fighters. In this way, Russians are determined to destroy the American AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, designed to combat Russian tanks.

The newest Russian attack helicopter Mi-28NM will turn into a fighter, capable of handling enemy aircraft, drones and cruise missiles. The R-74M missile was originally developed taking into account the possibility of hitting the fifth generation fighters F-35 and F-22
– writes the edition with reference to publications of the Russian press.

According to the American edition, Russian Mi-28NMs will take cover behind the terrain and hunt American “Apache”. In turn, AH-64 Apache does not have rockets of the class “air-to-air” and in this component it is inferior to the Russian helicopter.

At the same time, the publication emphasizes, that the idea of ​​installing guided missiles to engage targets in the air is far from new, previously OH-58D Kiowa reconnaissance helicopters were armed with Stinger missiles. The option of arming them for the AH-64 Apache attack helicopters was considered, but later abandoned it.

(…) attack helicopters are not designed for air combat, they must dominate the battlefield, but if necessary “Apache” can be armed with missiles “air-to-air”. But while the score is not in our favor
– sums up the publication.

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