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Polish professor and deputy: Navalny has a serious problem, to take advantage of the protest mood

Polish professor and deputy: Navalny has a serious problem, to take advantage of the protest mood
Professor of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the representative of the parliament of this country Pavel Koval reflects on the situation in Russia in connection with the activities of the opposition blogger Alexei Navalny and all that, what happened to him and around him recently. Polish politician declares, that Navalny “has a chance to take advantage of the situation, in which the entourage of Vladimir Putin can seriously think about his removal ".


For Poland, this would not be the worst scenario, although many local experts disagree.
At the same time, the Polish deputy notes, that Navalny has a serious problem to, to somehow take advantage of the situation with protests. Pavel Koval talks about, that the oppositionist has no agenda, which would meet the expectations of Russian citizens.

of material, which came out in the Polish press:

Navalny needs to adapt his program to the expectations of Russians, not the West.
According to Koval, if Navalny really intends to participate in the political life of Russia, he will have to move from the option of acting in the format of a non-systemic opposition to the format of acting as part of the parliamentary opposition. Polish professor believes, that only in this way can political transformation be possible.

Polish journalist: “Isn't the situation with protests in Russia exaggerated?? After all, even a film about a villa in Gelendzhik did not change the opinion of the majority of Russians., consider, that the President of Russia has the right to live in luxury ".

Pavel Koval:

This is a Russian political tradition, you can't argue with that. But today Russian youth have slightly different views.. Most of it is young people who go out on the street.. And this is an opportunity for the so-called off-system parties, who have no oligarchs or military behind their backs.
And there are definitely no oligarchs behind Navalny?..

Polish journalist:

Have a question: Will Navalny's Russia be better for Europe than Putin's Russia? After all, Navalny is known for his nationalistic statements., and his words about Crimea are very vague?
Deputy and professor of the Polish Academy of Sciences Koval noted, that in Russia the situation is, in which any opposition has no chance, if he speaks openly about a pro-Western position.


In case of coming to power, Navalny can let such people in there, who will do so, that Russia will cease to be an empire and, perhaps, will change its current boundaries.
As seen, Poland's desire to "change Russia's borders" is ineradicable. And then the same experts resent louder than anyone, when Russia reacts harshly to it.

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