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The new domestic helicopter engine VK-650V entered the stage of bench tests

The new domestic helicopter engine VK-650V entered the stage of bench tests
New promising helicopter engine VK-650V, developed for helicopters Ka-226T and “Ansat-U”, entered the stage of bench tests. This was reported by the press service of the United Engine Corporation (CSD).

Tests are carried out at the company's stand “UEC-Klimov” in St. Petersburg. На данный момент осуществлен первый запуск двигателя и оценены его ключевые параметры. После этапа стендовых испытаний и подтверждения ТТХ нового двигателя будет принято решение об установке ВК-650В на вертолет для дальнейших тестов.

Двигатель запустился с первого раза, ожидаемые характеристики в ходе первого запуска подтверждены. Это начало большого пути, который нам предстоит пройти очень быстро. Результатом станет первый в России серийный двигатель для легких вертолетов, such as “Ansat-U” и Ка-226Т
– said the press service of the.

The start of the development of a new VK-650V gas turbine engine was announced in 2019 year. In July 2020 of the year Ufa Engine-Building Association (“ODK-UMPO”) announced the beginning of production of the VK-650V demonstrator engine. The new engine has takeoff power 650 l. from., and also in various modes gives out from 400 to 750 l. from.

Formerly Anatoly Serdyukov, the industrial director of the aviation cluster at Rostec said, that the domestic engine for the Ka-226 helicopter will be certified in 2023 year. It was also reported, what this engine can be offered “Helicopters of Russia” for helicopter production “Ansat”.

Russian VK-650V to replace French Arrius 2G1 engines on Ka-226T helicopters.

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