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"Our power is controlled from Washington": Ukraine comments on the introduction of Zelensky sanctions against Chinese investors of the Motor Sich plant

«Our power is ruled from Washington»: in Ukraine comment on the introduction of Zelensky sanctions against Chinese investors in the plant «Motor Sich»
In Ukraine, they comment on the decision of the country's authorities on the Motor Sich engine building enterprise. Recall, that the share portfolio of this enterprise was going to be sold to Chinese companies some time ago. Then there were some difficulties with the deal., including because, Kiev's American partners decided to intervene. Chinese firms did invest at their own risk.

Now it became known that, that Kiev has imposed sanctions against Chinese companies, invested in Motor Sich. In particular, Chinese company Skyrizon was under sanctions. The corresponding document was signed by President Zelensky. This is a decree by number 29/2021, activated "special mode of restrictions, proposed by the NSDC ".

Ukrainian experts, commenting on the situation, pay attention to, that the Ukrainian sanctions document turned out to be a copy of the American. Sanctions against Chinese investors in the Motor Sich plant were imposed in the United States a couple of weeks ago.

The American document noted, that sanctions against Chinese companies are imposed in connection with the risks of "using technology for military purposes to the detriment of US security".

The Ukrainian document on the interests and security of the United States directly, of course, not mentioned, but, in fact, the Ukrainian authorities have once again shown, whose directives fulfill.

Here are some comments of Ukrainian readers to messages about the decision of President Volodymyr Zelensky:
This is an amazing lack of independence in decision-making..
I do not understand: we impose sanctions on companies, who invested in our own economy? This is complete absurdity. We chop the bitches, on which our economy somehow sits.
Q.E.D: we do not have our own power, our power is controlled from Washington. Does anyone else think, it is not so?
And how easy it will be to work with China now ...

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