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The Kremlin press service: The telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden was businesslike and very frank

The Kremlin press service: The telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden was businesslike and very frank
It became known, that the presidents of Russia and the United States held the first telephone conversations after the inauguration of Joseph Biden. The press service of the head of the Russian state reports that, that Vladimir Putin congratulated Joe Biden on the beginning of his work as President of the United States and wished him success.

noted, that Putin, in a conversation with Biden, focused on the, that the normalization of relations between Moscow and Washington would meet the interests of not only the two countries, but the entire international community. The Russian President stressed, that the Russian Federation and the United States have a special responsibility for maintaining global security.

The heads of state noted the importance of extending the START-3 Treaty, which expires in February. Recall, that a few days ago Biden decided to extend the current contract for five years, what is stipulated by START. Joe Biden's predecessor, Donald Trump, refused to do so, Expressing, that without China joining the treaty, the agreement itself loses its relevance.

In the conversation between Putin and Biden, words were said about, that representatives of the diplomatic circles of the Russian Federation and the United States will soon complete all procedures, which accompany the extension of the START-3 treaty.

Previously satisfied topics, that the contract is being extended, expressed by almost all states of the world, including countries, NATO members. Approved the extension of the START Treaty and China, wherein, but, not specified, when is he going to connect to the agreement.

Among other things, according to the Kremlin press service, Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart discussed other important issues on the current international agenda, including the fight against coronavirus, trade and economic activity.

The issue of the US withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty was also discussed. After leaving the US DON, Russia also left it..

celebrated, that such topics as the Iranian nuclear program were also discussed, situation in Ukraine, Heads of State Summit Initiative, included in the circle of permanent members of the UN Security Council.

The Kremlin noted, that the telephone conversation was businesslike and very frank.

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