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"Suitable for the landing of marines in the Baltic": US intends to arm with light landing ships

«Suitable for landing marines in the Baltic»: US intends to arm with light landing ships
In recent years, Australia has been purchasing large quantities of American weapons, among which the F-35A Lightning II aircraft stand out, F / A-18F Super Hornet, P-8A Poseidon and M1A1 Abrams tanks. But Canberra itself is able to become a supplier of military systems for the United States..

This opinion is expressed on the pages of the analytical publication ASPI Strategist. As indicated, in the course of reforming the marines, the Pentagon pays increased attention to the Australian landing ship Sea Transport Solutions, intended for landing troops on an unprepared coast. The American Navy is studying the possibility of acquiring ships of the same type with a displacement of 1000 to 8000 tonnes, length about 100 meters and range 3500 nautical miles.

Unlike the large amphibious assault ships of the US Navy with a displacement of up to 45 000 tonnes, the new ship can act as part of the fleet, and independently. Its main purpose is the operational transfer of the marines of a new look..

They would be ideally suited for the operational dispersal and movement of naval coastal regiments between the islands of the western part of the Pacific Ocean or along the coast of the Baltic Sea
– written in the edition.

According to Lieutenant General Eric Smith, light landing ship “much easier to hide, it is more affordable because of its cost ". They can do more than just transporting marines, but also act as means of destruction, being equipped with anti-ship missiles, or perform other tasks, carrying out refueling and replenishment of aviation ammunition, coastal exploration, air defense.

Total Navy intend to purchase 28-30 ships (with their willingness to 2026 year) by price 100-130 million $ per pennant. ASPI Strategist assumes, that Sea Transport Solutions has a great chance of winning the upcoming competition.

«Suitable for landing marines in the Baltic»: US intends to arm with light landing ships
A source: ASPI Strategist

used photos:Sea Transport Solutions website

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