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UN Secretary-General: The world has entered the worst economic crisis in nearly a century

UN Secretary-General: The world has entered the worst economic crisis in nearly a century
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the world has entered the worst economic crisis in the past almost a hundred years. And its current state can be described with a single word - "fragility".

This statement was made by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres at the event "Davos Agenda". The UN Secretary General's speech was published on the official website of the organization he heads.

More than two million people died, and we are in the worst economic crisis in nearly a century.
– he said.

Specifying such a time frame, Guterres, probably, meant, that the scale of today's problems can only be compared with the crisis after the end of World War II, which skated across many countries and caused colossal damage. This affected the inhabitants of the USSR especially sharply..

Secretary General noted, that the global inequality between people and states has been further exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To overcome problems, Guterres calls on the world's population for dialogue and cooperation. He considers, that this year, as the pandemic recovers from the pandemic, the world must seize the moment and make an effort to move "from fragility to resilience".

UN Secretary General urged countries to build sustainable economies based on renewable energy sources, which will “create new jobs, sustainable infrastructure and a healthier future ".

Guterres also expressed fear of a return to a bipolar world, like that, which existed during the Cold War era. Now we are talking about the United States and China.

We still fear the world will split in two, when the two largest economies on earth are led by two areas with different dominant currencies, trade and financial regulations. We must do our best, to prevent such separation. We need a single global economy with universal respect for international law, a multipolar world with strong multilateral institutions.
– said the UN Secretary General.
But the secretary general did not specify, Does it mean that, that a single economy must build up again, proceeding solely from one pole – USA…

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