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Chinese media: Liberal opposition to Russia has shown as bankruptcy, and lack of independence

Chinese media: Liberal opposition to Russia has shown as bankruptcy, and lack of independence
Foreign media continue to comment on the protests, which with varying degrees of mass and activity took place in different regions of Russia. At the same time, comments on the "protests in support of Navalny" are often diametrically opposed in meaning, assuming, the publication or expert of a particular country publishes a particular assessment.

The overwhelming majority of the Chinese media voiced negative assessments of those, who was involved in inciting people to take to the streets. China News associates protests in Russia 23 January with protests in Hong Kong. In particular, reminded of, as the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the parliamentary rostrum made a speech about Western interference in the affairs of foreign states, citing as an example the American support for the Hong Kong performances. The aforementioned Chinese edition writes, that the American embassy actually openly supported the protests in Russian cities. Hard to imagine, what would be, if the protests in the United States were supported by the Russian and Chinese diplomatic missions.

Sohu Chinese portal publishes article, which states, what the liberal opposition to Russia has shown as its failure, and your lack of independence.


If you've seen these protests, even on the screen, it was easy to notice, that violent methods were primarily used by the protesters themselves. They attacked traffic police officers (DPS - prim. «IN»), sprayed pepper gas in the eyes of law enforcement officers, beat them with sticks, even ran over police officers in cars. There were also smoke bombs. First they attacked the police, now declare, that they themselves suffered.
But the Ukrainian authorities see in the protesters on the eve in Russia "freedom fighters". The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is given, who actually openly supported Navalny and the protests.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine:

Ukraine strongly condemns the violence against peaceful protesters and the detention of members of the Russian opposition.
However, not all Ukrainians are unanimous in this regard.. A considerable number of those commenting on protests in the Russian Federation, mark, that “apparently, in Russia, someone really wants to get freedom in Ukrainian - with European tariffs and Bangladeshi salaries ".

One of the users:

They shouted "Russia without Putin". Then they go straight to us – to Kiev. After all, Ukraine today is Russia without Putin. And these oppositionists also have no clear program., like our authorities. Program one – shout, make some noise… And here “think” – no, it's not for them.

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