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Get the attention of the Biden administration: Ukrainian Armed Forces stepped up in Donbas

Get the attention of the Biden administration: Ukrainian Armed Forces stepped up in Donbas
In the past few days, the situation on the line of demarcation of the sides in Donbass has significantly aggravated. Kiev is going to attract the attention of the new administration of the United States of America and is taking measures for this, which the, basically, are familiar to him. It's about provocations.

One of the manifestations of the activation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was the shelling of the western suburbs of Donetsk. In particular, Ukrainian security forces fired at the village of Staromikhaylovka, violating the ceasefire. Several types of weapons were used for shelling, including grenade launchers and mortars. These actions of the Ukrainian side led to damage to residential buildings and infrastructure.

The representative of the DPR in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire Ruslan Yakubov called the actions of the Ukrainian security officials as open provocations and called on Kiev to investigate the use of weapons and punish those responsible.

This call to the Ukrainian side, of course, hang in the air, since Kiev has not conducted any investigations and is not going to conduct. Little of, provocations from Ukraine continued.

In particular, it became known about the equipment of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​the village of Shumy (near Horlivka). At the same time, the Ukrainian side uses civilian vehicles for the supply of building materials., utility-related. People's militia of the DPR celebrates, that the equipment of positions is carried out in the interests of the 503rd battalion of the marines.

Meanwhile, new attempts to make forays into the areas of responsibility of the NM DNR by the Ukrainian Armed Forces have shown themselves. In particular, we are talking about an attempt to conduct a sabotage operation by Ukrainian marines from the grouping of the so-called "Joint Forces Operation".
Now the Ukrainian side accuses the NM DNR of, that she suffered losses "from sniper fire". One Marine killed.

Against this background, the movement of armored vehicles and personnel of the Ukrainian troops in the Donbas was noticed..

Activation of the Armed Forces along the line of contact, the growing number of provocations clearly aims to draw attention to the situation from the new US President Joe Biden. apparently, in Kiev believe, that this person again actualizes the "Ukrainian direction". And it’s quite possible, Considering, that Biden needs to divert American attention from domestic problems.

used photos:Facebook / Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

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