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Fair Russia unites with other parties and changes its name

«fair Russia» merges with other parties and changes the name
Party “fair Russia” announced a merger with parties “For justice” Zahara Prilepina and “Patriots of Russia” led by Gennady Semigin. The merger agreement will be signed shortly. This was stated in the party itself.

These are not rumors, it really is. Our three parties will unite. This is the result of those negotiations, hosted by party leader Sergei Mironov. The goal was to create a leftist party, left-patriotic
– told the first deputy head of the Duma faction spravoorussov Mikhail Emelyanov.

Rumors of a merger were confirmed in the party “Patriots of Russia”. According to the deputy chairman of the party Nadezhda Korneeva, the signing of the final protocol of the merger is expected by the end of the week.

According to Russian media, the parties have already solved almost all the issues, except one, controversial. The parties will not agree in any way on the name of the new party. The main variant of the new name – “fair Russia – Patriots - For the truth”, in which the names of all political forces appear, does not get tired of the head of spravorassi Sergey Mironov. The leader of the Socialist-Revolutionaries insists on keeping the name “fair Russia” without any additions. According to Mironov, the proposed version with the names of all three parties is too long.

At the same time, a compromise version of the name of the new batch is proposed. according to him, the full name of the part will sound like “fair Russia – a patriot – For justice”, and in shorthand, just “fair Russia”.

A new party is being created before the new elections to the State Duma. It is assumed, what “a patriot” and Prilepin's party will add votes to the Social Revolutionaries to enter the Duma, which will ultimately reduce the share of the LDPR and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

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