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In the USA they came up with, how to respond to Russia and China on the "hypersonic threat"

In the USA they came up with, how to respond to Russia and China «hypersonic threat»
United States Missile Defense Agency (MDA) signed a contract with L3Harris Technologies to create a prototype satellite, capable of tracking hypersonic weapons. The contract amount is 121 million dollars.

About this at MDA.

as per the contract, L3Harris to create a prototype of a space-based hypersonic and ballistic tracking sensor (HBTSS). A low-orbit constellation of such vehicles will detect and transmit target designation data for hypersonic missiles.

These satellites, to plan, should close the existing hole in the US missile defense, which is associated with hypersonic weapons. The thing is, that this type of weapon is more complicated, than traditional ballistic missiles, detect with infrared sensors, placed in geostationary orbit. Yes, and you need to identify as early as possible, so that there is at least some theoretical chance of intercepting.

As Moscow and Beijing develop hypersonic missiles, The Pentagon seeks to create a new grouping, capable of promptly detecting their launch from anywhere in the world. It means, what did the USA come up with, how to respond to the hypersonic threat to Russia and China.

L3Harris will also build satellites for the Space Development Agency (SDA). According to the heads of the agency, their satellites will work in conjunction with HBTSS devices, tracking hypersonic threats and enabling them to resist.

About, what the Pentagon is going to do, if you receive a signal from the satellite about the launch of a hypersonic missile, not yet reported.

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