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"Deceive Russian missiles": USA equips reconnaissance aircraft with decoys

«Deceive Russian missiles»: USA equips reconnaissance aircraft with decoys
The US military intends to secure its reconnaissance aircraft, "Settled" on the Russian borders, giving them new anti-missile defense. US Navy, supervising flights P-8A Poseidon, signed a contract with the British corporation BAE Systems, which provides for the development within two years of the AN / ALE-55 countermeasures system.

New counter system for P-8 Poseidon can destroy any missile
– noted on the pages of the publication Defense View.

according to information, disclosed by the developer, bait AN / ALE-55, generating radio- and heat footprint, able to accurately reproduce the flight path of the aircraft and its radar signature, deceiving the enemy and taking his fire on himself.

Besides, bait can be used to spot an enemy. While the enemy will focus on fighting the "fake apparatus", real combat aircraft, next behind, will be able to launch a missile or bomb strike at the enemy.

In battle, especially in anti-aircraft war, early target detection and advance when firing is vital
– noted in Defense View.

As explained in BAE Systems, bait AN / ALE-55 can be equipped with not only large-sized aircraft, but also fighters, working near enemy air defense systems.

Defense View writes about, that the P-8A Poseidon, in comparison with other American aircraft, has been most active in recent years in the areas where the military bases of the RF Armed Forces Tartus and Khmeimim are located; regularly appeared in the Black Sea, on the Baltic Sea.

The frequency of the appearance of the P-8A, along with a number of other US aircraft near Russia, increased, as a result of which Russian fighters took off to intercept. Therefore, the US decided to equip the P-8A with the AN / ALE-55 aircraft., to deal with threats, which are carried by Russian missiles
– concludes in the edition.

«Deceive Russian missiles»: USA equips reconnaissance aircraft with decoys

used photos:Site BAE Systems

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