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Americans consider the delay in the dispatch of National Guard troops from Alaska to Washington as strange

Americans consider the delay in the dispatch of National Guard troops from Alaska to Washington as strange
Formation of a consolidated detachment of the US National Guard of military personnel and reservists is being completed in Washington, which represent all 50 American states. Recall, that Brigadier General Janine Birkhead of Maryland is in charge of this 25,000-strong contingent.

As it turns out, greatest problems arriving in Washington – from the National Guards from Alaska. Out of this state to guard the Capitol (during the inauguration of Joe Biden) should have sent a company of soldiers of the National Guard of about 80 human. But there were problems.

With regard to candidates, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBR) arranged a multi-stage check, including checking the biography of not only the servicemen themselves, but also their close relatives. celebrated, that the accounts of social networks of relatives and friends of the Alaskan National Guards were subjected to a thorough analysis for, did not any of them approve of the action to storm the Capitol from 6 January 2020 of the year, did not express support to those, who in Congress managed to call "internal terrorists".

Major General Torrance Sachs:

Our soldiers are ready to answer the challenge to the state. We have always been ready for this and are now ready to serve the country in difficult times.
These words give reason to talk about, that the general is somehow especially zealous trying to emphasize loyalty, as if someone in command expresses doubt about it.

As a result, the check of the National Guards in Alaska dragged on. Departure postponed to Sunday (17 January), however, it did not take place on that day either. According to official data, the reason for the transfer of the departure of military personnel from Anchorage to the base of Andrews (southeast of the US capital, from there, the fighters should be sent by road to the District of Columbia) the revealed technical malfunction of the board, which the National Guard was supposed to deliver to the east of the United States. And it turned out (based on statements by the press service of the National Guard of Alaska), that for the transfer of the military they decided to use the converted aircraft tanker KC-135 of the 168th air wing.

Departure was postponed to Monday. But it didn't take place on Monday either.. It was stated, that the reason was bad weather.

In connection with the delay in the transfer of National Guard troops from the state of Alaska, the local population began to have suspicions that, that the FBI is still wary of deploying Alaskan soldiers and officers in Washington. Americans found the situation strange.

Ordinary Americans comment on all this as follows:

Strange situation. Then they are checked longer than others, the strange choice of aircraft, then fault statements, Now – weather.
Will delay sending until the last?
earlier it was reported, that the US intelligence services have concerns about the American military due to the, that they supposedly can support the protesters. A 20 January, recall, in Washington, they plan to hold their march, who disagrees with the election results and considers, that their votes were stolen.

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