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Retired Indian Air Force Marshal: Chinese J-20 fighters will not dominate the skies over Asia – Rafali will easily defeat them

Retired Indian Air Force Marshal: Chinese J-20 fighters will not dominate the skies over Asia - «Bursts» they will be easily defeated
Between Indian and Pakistani military experts (retired military) there was an absentee dispute in the press. It all started with the publication in the Pakistani press of an interview with retired Pakistani Air Force general Shahzad Chaudhry, who was invited to comment on the issue of a possible confrontation in the air between Chinese-made J-20 aircraft with French-made Rafale aircraft. Recall, that "Rafale" has recently been part of the Indian Air Force.

In answering this question, General Chaudhry stated, that the new generation J-20 fighters "radically change the rules of the game in the region".
Shahzad Chaudhry:

These are aircraft with new technologies., with new possibilities. They are subtle, equipped with modern avionics. J-20s carry air-to-air missiles, capable of hitting enemy aircraft, without entering the affected area ourselves.
According to a retired Pakistani general, all this allows the J-20 fighters to outperform aviation, in service with the Indian Air Force.

noted, that Indian Air Force Rafale fighters "would be better off avoiding Chinese J-20s".

The retired Indian Air Marshal Anil Chopra strongly disagrees with such interpretations.. According to the retired marshal, entered into an absentee dispute with a retired Pakistani general, "many people think, that the J-20 is superior to the French Rafale only because, that the first belongs to the fifth generation, and the second to the generation 4,5 (4+)».

Anil Chopra:

While China is clearly downplaying Rafale's capabilities, I have reason to doubt the capabilities of the J-20 fighters. They have imperfect engines and are designed so, what to say about radar stealth is not necessary. And in the infrared range, they "glow" as clear targets.
Retired Indian Marshal Anil Chopra claims, that the French Rafale are superior to the Chinese J-20 in speed and maneuverability, as well as the effectiveness of countering electronic warfare systems.

Anil Chopra:

Chinese J-20 fighters will never dominate the skies over Asia, as Rafali will easily defeat them.
The main thing in this correspondence dispute between two large retired military men of India and Pakistan is, that both of them clearly cannot know all the characteristics of the aircraft, who criticize.

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