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"Thrown to the floor like vagrants": Americans speak out about military deployment in the Capitol

«Thrown to the floor like vagrants»: Americans speak out about military deployment in the Capitol
More than 10 thousand soldiers of the national guard. TO 20 January, and on this day, the inauguration ceremony of US President Joseph Biden is planned, the number of National Guards in Washington is planned to be brought to 22 thousand. This is more of the US military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From the building on Capitol Hill, in the meantime, they publish footage, where you can see, how soldiers of the US National Guard settled in the halls and corridors of the parliamentary complex. Soldiers lie right on the cold floor. Some have small arms with them, in other – no. Someone is sleeping, someone is playing on a smartphone.

When this became known, that all military personnel without exception, sent to duty at the Capitol, checked for "loyalty". The thing is, that representatives of Congress fear, that some military personnel may side with supporters of Donald Trump on the day of the announced "millionth march of militias".

The comments of ordinary Americans about, so to speak, features of military accommodation in the Capitol building. Here are some comments from American social media users and bloggers.. Judging by the comments, Americans are outraged by what they saw.

These guys were thrown to the floor like some kind of vagrant.
I'm laying a rug for my dog, Are our military men worse than dogs.
If democracy is to be defended this way, then the question: as if we have a democracy?
And what then is collected from our taxes 800 billion dollars to maintain troops?

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