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In Sohu explained, why tank Type 96 called "Chinese T-72"

In Sohu explained, why tank Type 96 call «Chinese T-72»
In China, tank maneuvers with the participation of Type main battle tanks took place 96. This is a 43 ton machine, which is operated in the PLA with 1997 of the year. Against this background, statements were made in China that, that “it's time to stop using Type 96 in favor of more modern tanks ". In particular, talks about the need to increase the percentage of tanks Type 99 in the troops and introduce new developments - including wheeled tanks.

Today, the Chinese armed forces have about 2,5 thousand tanks Type 96 и Type 96A. The military-themed section of the Sohu Information Service considers, that it's too early to say goodbye to these PLA MBTs.

Chinese author Liang Jianjiong publishes material, which states, what type tanks 96 often referred to as "the Chinese version of the T-72 tanks". At the same time, they are located in China and those, who does such a comparison "offend". But such a comparison can only offend those, who is ready to judge the combat effectiveness and efficiency of tanks solely by the year of their development. If the T-72 was developed in the late 1960s - early 1970s, to i Type 96 in China, some critics call it "outdated" in connection with the above definition.

The mentioned author in Sohu explains, why MBT Type 96 called "Chinese T-72". According to him, one of the reasons is its low price. So, today Type 96, according to the estimates presented, costs the military budget of the PRC cheaper 1 million dollars. At the same time, Type 99 costs two to three times more.

from the publication:

Price Type 96 not high, and at the same time it can be equipped with a large number of equipment. It has a high potential for modernization just like the Russian T-72.. That is why the number of these tanks in the PLA is about 2,5 thousand.
As seen, China also sees the reason for this name as a developed modernization potential.

Another reason is, according to the Chinese author, ease of use and security, based, among other things, on a complex of active protection (KAZ). And this is at a low cost of tank maintenance..

At the same time, there are also disadvantages of MBT Type 96, by which, as noted, "It is also similar to the T-72". Among these - low "in comparison with modern Western" engine power - about 800 HP. This is comparable to the power of the T-72 engine 780 HP.

And here is one of the differences Type 96 from the T-72 can be called something, that the Russian (Soviet) the tank was actively exported and exported unlike the Chinese. T-72 tanks of various modifications are currently in service with the armies of India, Poland, Iraq, Kazakhstan and a number of other countries of the world.

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