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In the Chinese edition: Russian Su-57 has no place at the level of fifth generation fighters

In the Chinese edition: Russian Su-57 has no place at the level of fifth generation fighters
The Chinese edition of Sina published an article, in which by no means flattering words are expressed to the Russian fifth generation fighter. It should be noted, that this is not the first time, when journalists in the country, where the lion's share of the Air Force flies on Russian-made engines and aircraft, built in Russia, criticizes aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

So, the author of the material declares, that “I carefully studied the photos, which were previously published from the Su-57 assembly shops ", and came to the conclusion that, that "in Russia they continue to be based on the design ideas of the Su-27 fighter".

The author writes, that in Russia the Su-57 fighter is called a new generation aircraft, and adds, that "in fact, this is just another modernization of the Su-27".

of material:

Compared to the world's leading new generation fighters (and to this level the author, as it appears, includes the Chinese J-20, ca.. «IN») Russian Su-57 is clearly inferior. He simply does not belong at the level of 5th generation fighters.
It should be noted, which, according to the Chinese classification, the 5th generation of fighters is called the 4th.

Further, the author finds a portion of criticism for the Su-27 fighter, on the basis of which in Russia allegedly (according to the author Sina) and the Su-57 is being created. On the pages of Sina literally the following is stated:

known, that the fuselage design of the Su-27 is weak.
It would be interesting to know, who "knows", and why, then, the main part of the PLA Air Force fighter fleet consists of aircraft, which are directly related to the design of the Su-27? Are the Chinese military and designers so poorly versed in aircraft?? Worse, than the author in the mentioned edition ...

The author also states, that "based on the analysis of photographs" he concluded that, that the air intakes of the Su-57 fighter are "created on the basis of the design of fighters of previous generations.

of material:

The use of aluminum alloy for cladding the air intake gives reason to talk about, that there is a huge technological gap between the Russian fighter and the US and Chinese fighters. This gap is a whole generation of combat aircraft.
The author writes about, that after the collapse of the USSR in Russia, scientific work on the creation of carbon fiber samples practically ceased. It's hard to argue here. But here is the author's conclusion…

from the article:

While the United States and China can create advanced air intakes using composite materials, in Russia they can only envy. A similar situation there with avionics, with AFAR.
The author writes, that Russia has to import critical components from China.

strangely, but for some reason the author of this material does not have any questions in the Chinese press, why, given the "advanced technology" of China and the United States, these countries continue to import, eg, Russian aircraft and rocket engines ...

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