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Unidentified drones strike Turkish control zone in northern Syria

Unidentified drones strike Turkish control zone in northern Syria
Syria reports the use of several unknown drones, equipped with explosive devices in the north of the country. According to the latest data, these drones were used to attack targets in the Turkish-controlled zone north of the city of Al-Bab in Aleppo province.

Several explosive devices were dropped from UAVs in the area of ​​the village of Tarkhin, which is controlled by the Turkish military and the armed formations of the so-called "Syrian Free Army".

The Turkish state, that drone strikes on the positions of the FSA and Turkish troops in the Tarkhin area could have been inflicted by armed PKK detachments (Kurdistan Workers' Party). PKK units are also suspected by Ankara of imposing a battle in the east of Turkey itself - in the Diyarbakir region, where on the eve of the Turkish gendarmerie suffered losses and where additional units of the security forces were transferred.

Meanwhile, the pro-Turkish armed formations launched another massive attack on the eastern suburbs of Ain Issa.. As noted, mortars of different calibers were used, as well as homemade rocket launchers. According to reports from the Kurdish administration, then the Turkish military was also involved in the shelling of the eastern suburbs of Ain Issa.

Recall, that a few days ago in Ain Iss (province Rakka) observation posts of the Russian military police appeared. This deployment took place after an appeal to the Russian command of representatives of the local (Kurdish) administration. After that, the shelling of Ain Issa itself stopped., but the pro-Turkish groups switched to shelling the territories, located a few kilometers east of this city.

The situation remains unsettled at this hour in the south of Syrian Idlib. Previously, the militants there tried to expand their zone of control., inflicting a series of strikes on the positions of the CAA, but received a serious rebuff, including the use of combat aircraft.

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