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What revolution is scared in the USA

What revolution is scared in the USA

Soviet people began to actively discover America for themselves 30 years ago - after the abolition of the USSR. Then, looking from Moscow, and even more so - from some Uryupinsk, The US seemed like a thriving stronghold of global democracy, the, what a self-respecting country should strive for. Many Russians, hitting the 1990s. to the United States on the immediately arisen exchange through the American State Department, of course, were smitten. After almost 70 years of the "Iron Curtain" and ideological drills with empty counters before the collapse of the USSR there could be no other perception of America. According to the telephone conversations between Clinton and Yeltsin, declassified in the USA (my articles here and here), Russia looked at the USA, like an older brother - with servility and faith. And Washington generously promised to help in everything - to delay NATO expansion, quickly enter the WTO, etc.. d. But in return he also demanded loyalty.

I mean it, what 30 years ago, strong America and weak Russia were in the same boat. A lot has changed since then - we are still "white and fluffy" (copyright Putin). And Donald Trump, who burst into big politics, conceived to "make America great again", looks like, did not cope with the task: the failed recent storming of the Capitol on the air of world TV channels brought her down, according to many, American including, political scientists to the level of the "banana republic". It turns out, and in America it is possible too. It used to be that the United States encouraged "Maidans" and "color" coups around the world, and now its citizens were honored with something similar. Many are already calling what is happening "the American revolution".

As politically active Americans have told me (on condition of anonymity), "Leftists" (democrats) four years preparing to overthrow Trump, which got 75 million votes - never before has a single presidential winner received so much. (…) Chief Justice John Roberts closed in, when it was necessary to consider a lawsuit from Texas, which was supported 17 states, and shouted at all the judges, that he doesn't want to consider him, so that there is no revolution in the USA. He and his family were intimidated ". This became known from an assistant in court..

What revolution are we talking about? And who would arrange it? Following the logic of events, comes, what if federal courts, whom Trump approached and who did not consider his appeals on the merits (postal vote, including, and the dead, expulsion of Republican observers, stuffing ballots, etc.. d.), would understand and admit violations, then this would become the cause of the revolution? And her, comes, could in this case be perpetrated by "leftists", dissatisfied with such justice. That is, democrats with their new values, arising in the country after the murder of a black repeat offender by a white police, and imposing them under the pressure of the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM), the participants of which for two weeks drove the murdered man in a golden coffin across America. Arranging at the same time demonstrative kissing by white Americans of the dusty boots of the inhabitants of the "black" neighborhoods. Democrats, who, led by then-presidential candidate Biden, fell on their knees in front of them and asked for forgiveness, supporting the fight against historical monuments, which began to be demolished throughout the country by the new masters of life and partners of the US Democratic Party.

At universities, schools and government agencies, Americans told, immediately fired, if you declare, that not only black, but all lives matter. And in California, if a child suddenly wants to change sex, parents are not allowed to object, the decision is made at school. If there is "for", then the child is supplied with pills for "treatment". And the other day, in the midst of turbulent events around the certification of elections, House of Representatives Democrat Nancy Pelosi, changed, by the way, contrary to law voting rules, took the time to declare, that there should be no gender differences in the USA. No chairperson or chairwoman, head only; no mom and dad, no boyfriend or girlfriend and so on. As it appears, and these "revolutionary" transformations in America are not far off.

After not storming the Capitol by Trump supporters (expensive gift to democrats) his opponents immediately declared, what exactly is the president, unwilling to give up power, and planned to organize a "putsch". Broadcast on the Internet, that they "framed" the president of the BLM movement and Antifa, deliberately organizing a provocation with an assault. And it decided the outcome of the election.

I listened to his one hour live performance on one of the cable channels. It turned out to be quite powerful in content. (how many, where and what were the violations), and very emotional. Yes, Trump called on the audience (250 thousand) defend the choice, "Go to the Capitol together, to support our heroic senators and congressmen ". Together. However, after applause, he got into an armored limousine and returned to the White House., greatly disappointing many believers in him.

Here's how one of Trump's supporters explained to me, worked in the USA for decades as a lawyer in large companies, why does she support him: “I don’t like, that in the very first days of his reign, Biden, as promised, will lift the ban on the entry of Muslims from a separate list, I do not like, that the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico is canceled, that all the "caravans" are visiting us, I do not like, that everyone 11 millions of illegal immigrants will be given official status, all of them - free colleges, free medicine. Where to get that kind of money for them? Including pensioners, since the property tax has not been canceled for us. I'm not talking about the middle class. Latin "caravans" and Muslim terrorists will be on his content ". And further, she specified, Trump is mostly supported by whites and educated.

Russian American clarified, What kind of president did Soviet immigrants vote for?, because our people are well educated and, knowing, what is socialism, of course, do not support the "left" (democrats), they do not need any socialism - they ate at home.

It was the values ​​that were new for the puritanical USA that Chief Justice Roberts was afraid to question, because of which, comes, a "revolution" could begin in the country. However, I have big doubts - it seems, that such a theater with the participation of a poorly educated segment of the population, sitting on a welfer for decades (subsidies from the state), is only used by celebrity Democrats to achieve political goals. Power at any cost.

And the price can be overwhelming. And for the country, and for the whole world. As follows from the American media, Texas is ready to submit to a referendum the issue of leaving the United States - once it was already independent. And other "red" (republican) states might think about it too. Many large companies are already moving their businesses from California to Texas (eg, Ilona Maska). "And in the" blue " (voting Democrats) states increase taxes - you have to support the whole horde of idlers ", - Republican from Florida shares her thoughts.

Side, can say, the phenomenon of the struggle for power was virtually total ideological censorship in the United States. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, TV (behind them are Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, Soros) literally etch everything from their platforms, which does not coincide with the ideology of new American values. President Trump, holding nuclear button, Twitter banned forever. On Republicans in the White House and Congress, who still have not abandoned themselves and Trump's support, there is tremendous pressure, especially after the storming of the Capitol, so they leave immediately. Although many of Trump's colleagues themselves quickly gave the back, when it smelled fried, giving up the fight for congressional results.

An American acquaintance mints her conclusions, like a razor gargle down your throat: "Demography, another, soon the USA will provide Latin-Muslim "caravans". Harris - Vice President under Biden - Muslim ... Europe has already eaten, now it's America's turn ". Somehow this all strongly discord with Trump's final promise before the storm: «The best is yet to come» ("The best is yet to come"). apparently, so some of the president's defenders (law) advise him to resign immediately, so that Vice President Pence has time to pardon him - many are sure, that prisons and sums Trump cannot avoid now.

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