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The US said, that the stealth destroyer Zumwalt is turning into an "expensive gunboat"

The US said, that the stealth destroyer Zumwalt turns into «expensive gunboat»
In the United States raised questions about the nature of training, which were held at the end 2020 of the year stealth missile destroyer USS Zumwalt. American media publications report, that the latest US Navy warship fired with the Mk-46 Mod.2 GWS combat module. At the same time clarifies, that firing during training was carried out from 30-mm artillery mounts Mk44 Bushmaster II "in several directions of attack".

These statements served as another reason for criticism of the program of using the latest destroyer by the US Navy..

So, celebrated, ship, the program to create which costs the US billions of dollars, and which was originally positioned as one of the main strike assets of the US Navy, capable of destroying coastal infrastructure and large enemy warships from long distances, today it turns into an expensive gunboat. Much of, what was originally planned to be installed on the ship (including from radar equipment and weapons) either did not install, or completely removed after the initial installation.

The skepticism is connected with the fact, that the trainings of the stealth destroyer Zamvolt are carried out without the use of its powerful missile weapons, but with the use of only the mentioned 30-mm ship-based cannons.

In this regard, the United States notes, that there is a high probability, that predictions will come true for the transformation of Zumwalt-class ships from missile strike destroyers of the far ocean zone into landing support ships. Earlier in the command of the US Navy made statements that, that due to the "difficulty with some of the weapons of the Zamvolt, it can be reoriented to support operations for the operations of the Marine Corps".

It should be remembered, what was originally planned to be ordered for the US Navy 32 a ship of this class. Then, when one problem after another began to appear (including with infinitely inflated costs), The Pentagon has decided to moderate appetites. While they agree on the version that, that's enough and 3-4 "Zamvoltov".

But until now, the American command does not have a single position on the nature of the applicability of these super-expensive destroyers.. Training with firing from 30-mm guns allowed skeptics to activate again, who not only called "Zamvolt" "an expensive artillery boat", but also counted, that the Pentagon has recently begun to frequently experience problems with planning and controlling expenditures on ambitious military-technical projects.

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