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Small and medium business in 2021 new support measures await

Big changes await business in the new year, I told ABF "Economics today» Associate Professor of the Department of Finance and Credit, School of Economics and Management, FEFU Maxim Krivelevich.

Small and medium business in 2021 new support measures await

AT 2021 year for small and medium-sized businesses in Russia (MSB) a single digital platform will start working, the tax regime will change, and the approach to audits will become risk-based.

Small and medium businesses will support

The head of the business association "Support of Russia" Alexander Kalinin said, that the creation of an ecosystem for the comfortable work and development of individual entrepreneurs and SMEs on the basis of a single digital platform "one window", implies the introduction of mechanisms for targeted selection and proactive approval of support tools.

The system also assumes the ability to receive all support measures, including bank loans, and paying taxes.

“During a deep economic crisis, caused by the pandemic, such innovations will be useful. Many Russian support measures duplicate foreign, proving its effectiveness. Better to learn from other people's mistakes ", - says Krivelevich.

The introduction of a risk-based approach will reduce the overall burden on the business by reducing the number of inspections while increasing their focus on those areas, where the risks are high.

“This approach has been successfully applied by the state for several years.. This is another step on the path of administrative and tax reform, which can help business ", - states Krivelevich.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin told, that the most important measures to support business during the pandemic were taken by the Russian authorities taking into account the proposals of business, including - All-Russian public organization of small and medium-sized businesses “Support of Russia”. According to the head of the cabinet, in two years the business received state support in the amount of 600 billion rubles.

Small and medium business in 2021 new support measures await

One of the support measures in 2021 the year will be a twofold reduction in the burden on the wage fund - now small and medium-sized businesses will pay the corresponding insurance premiums in the amount of 15% instead 30%. This is a significant relief and reduction in the overall tax burden on entrepreneurs..

The head of the Cabinet also stressed, what in 2020 year, Russian entrepreneurs supported all, who needed her. Separately, Mishustin noted the companies, who were involved in helping people, affected by coronavirus.

AT 2021 year for individual entrepreneurs will open up new opportunities

Also on 2021 year laid 700 bn. for the issuance of soft loans. Business expects a reduction in the rate of concessional lending from 8,5% to 4,25%.

Alexander Kalinin calculated, that reducing the premium rate for small and medium-sized businesses will save businesses more 350 bn. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov expressed hope, what in 2021 year, additional measures to support the Russian economy will not be required.

“Such measures are a strategic line of support from the authorities, which is defended by the Opora Rossii business association. Aid extension is a positive trend, which will benefit entrepreneurs.

Concessional lending will be the most in demand among entrepreneurs, whose business depends on the season ", - concluded Maxim Krivelevich.

Small and medium business in 2021 new support measures await

Also, the changes will affect the individual entrepreneur on the USN and PSN in 2021. Entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of tax holidays up to 2024 years at a rate 0%. The law applies to newly registered, leading businesses in the preferential industry: production, social, scientific, domestic services.

AT 2021 year, the list of permitted activities for PSN will expand. It was hit by teachers, photographers, chefs and farmers. The latter will be able to obtain a single patent for animal husbandry and crop production.

The expert believes, what in 2021 it will not be easy for entrepreneurs. High competition will create conditions, in which big business will feel more confident, than representatives of the small and medium sector of the economy. Those will also remain in the black, who works for export and does not depend on the exchange rate of the Russian ruble.

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