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Russian "Flanker" ousted the American "Hornet": a new rating of world combat aviation has been compiled

Russian «Flanker» supplanted the American «Hornet»: a new rating of world combat aviation has been compiled
In the West, the popularity of various models of military aircraft was assessed based on the calculation of its number in the armed forces of the countries of the world.

As part of the new World Air Forces ranking 2021 four Russian aircraft entered the top ten most common aircraft. So, the second position was taken by the Su-27/30: are in service 1057 "Flanker", what is 7% world fleet of fighter aircraft. They are second only to the F-16, which park has 2267 aircraft or 15%. And this despite the fact, that the American "Battle Falcon" belongs to the category of light fighters, in contrast to the heavy "Drying".

At the same time, just four years ago, the American F / A-18 Hornet fighter-bomber was in second place., which was pushed out to the fourth line of the rating. It is now followed by the MiG-29, the world park of which is 817 units or 6%. The sixth position was taken by the Eurofighter Typhoon with 514 by air or 3%. The seventh place is occupied by the Su-25 attack aircraft - 470 units worldwide. Finally, front-line bomber Su-24 is located on the tenth line - 389 machines.

The Mi-8/17 s is in second place in the ranking of military helicopters 2906 units, what is 14% park (it is preceded by the American UH-60 Black Hawk with 3929 machines, or 19% world fleet). Mi-24/35 ranks fifth with 962 units or 5%.

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